Anime.LK Logo designing contest! Deadline extended!

Hi guys,
So the ‘Anime.LK Overhaul Project’ is on the way!
As I was working on the project it occured to me that we should refresh our logo as well, since it’s called an Overhaul project and all. So, what better way to come up with a new logo than to hold a contest?!
So here it is! A contest to pick the next official logo for the website.
The winner get to have his/her design as the official logo of our website and will be chosen by the admins and moderators, mainy by @DrCarrot who designed our current logo.

So here are some requirements/guidelines to keep in mind when submitting your logo.

  • Should be minimalistic (at least to a certain extent) so that it will fit in with the theme of the rest of the website.

  • Must be high resolution and the format must be png

  • Must submit two logos, one is main logo containing the full design and the other should be a mini logo which will be used mostly on mobile devices.
    For your reference, the current two logos look like this:
    Main Logo:

    Mini Logo:

  • The backgrounds of both logos MUST be transparent.

Submit your designs below on this thread!

Submissions that do not adhere to these requirements may not be considered when choosing the winner.

Alright guys so have fun creating logos! Who knows? Maybe your design will end up on the top of our website!

EDIT: Oops I forgot to mention, Last date of sumbmission is the 31st of March 2017.

EDIT 2: Deadline extended till the 2nd of April!


Here’s something I put together in a haste. Hope it doesn’t give off a murderer vibe :sweat_smile:


Hopefully that isn’t blood :v


Just thought of adding up something :smiley: This is not finished work, just submitted this after 2-3mins of work!


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: just a little try


Just a simple plain logo :slight_smile:
Please point out any mods or typos or errors in the logo

Main (Yellow background not part of logo):


(high res versions available and ignore the two white dots; fixing now)


Another design i came up with (background not part of logo) :smile:

White main:

Black main:

Mini (white line at top not part of logo):


really like the white main

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I also think the white one is nice :+1:


Thanks both of you but since the site theme is dark i dont think that the white version will come out


Yah I get what you mean but want they change the background??? I think the dark element is not that neat


Is this one ok ? if u want i can modify this or make another one .:yum:


Can you make a cover pic for the facebook group using the same technique? pretty please? :3

Dude nice totally eye catching :+1:

Thanks. I didnt know there was a logo contest,this is a quick one because tomorrow i have exams. so if u want i can modify this one whatever u guys like :grimacing:

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Loving the submission, looking good guys!

This is pretty good.

Deadline extended until the 2nd of April guys!

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Didn’t spend too much time on it, any good at all though? i don’t usually do this kinda thing :sweat_smile:

BTW it should be obvious but the big “A” is the Mini Logo