Anime Figures & Collectibles in Sri Lanka


Did you mean the

I think it was a thick paper, a little less stiff than cardboard. At least that’s what I remember it as when I was there.


Hey there, sorry for the late reply. It’s actually slightly thick paper. Nowhere near as thick has a hardboard. Yamato one usually has a lot of these posters for sale in their stalls at events.


Oh! Thanks I just wanted to know whether they were durable and it sounds like it is. Also can someone tell me the address of yamato one?


I don’t think they have a shop yet but you can order from


I checked out the website but they don’t seem to have posters


I noticed that too Guess we will just have to wait for them to open their shop


They’re supposed to open their shop pretty soon in that new shopping complex buidling thats coming up in Rajagiriya. I have no idea when thats happening though.


No, actually i called them and it seems that posters are available through their facebook page
Just search for Yamato One on fb, go to their page and click on shop.


Actually about that they said that their permit or registration for the shop didn’t fall through and the shop might not be opened for a while.


We’ll have to wait longer in order to spread the MOE culture


New info on the yamto one front
They said they’re having a easter sale at union place
Will post more info after confirming details


when does it usually occur ? The Anime convention ???


abything about Sword Art Online ? , Shine maou testament , masou gakuen hxh ??? tokyo Ghoul , Attack of Titans ??? HOTD , DXD ???


I’m sorry maybe i missed something but what anime convention??


There’s no anime convention as far as I know. There’s Lanka Comic Con, Colombo Comic Con and Kandy Comic Con. :slight_smile:


but we gotta set one up ? don’t u think ???