Anime Band Project Auditions! Deadline Extended!

Hi minasan,

As some of you over from the FB group might already know, me along with @Mr.KamenSama are hoping to start an anime cover band right here in SL! Me and Kavisha can handle bass and guitar respectively but we need to find people for 2nd guitar, drums and vocals!. So we will be keeping auditions to recruite people into our band.

So taking the vote held a few days ago on the FB group page into consideration, we have decided to keep the auditions online!

I will now go through the specific details on the auditions themselves as well as the submission method.

For the audition, we require two songs (for all instruments and vocals). One song is a free choice japanese song and the other you will have to select from the list below according to what position you’re auditioning for.

Recordings of both songs could be either video or audio. If it is a video, upload it to youtube as a private video (you can make it public if you want after the auditions are over) and if you don’t want your face to be shown please record at an angle that covers your face or wear a mask or something as we only really want to hear you play/sing, For audio, please upload your recordings to sound clould. In both cases, while we do not require amazing. studio grade audio quality, we should be able to make out what you are playing clearly without any unintended distortion. You can use a backing track, but make sure your instrument/voice is significantly louder than the backing track so that we can clearly distinguish them.

After uploading the recordings you will have to link them to us using Please PM your recordings to Silver1704 or Mr.KamenSama via the website. We do this because using the website means the auditioners will maintain some sense of anonymity allowing us to be more fair in our judgement as well as because FB messenger is sh!t. We will not take into account any submissions we recieve via FB.

List of songs to choose from:

  • Silhouette - Kana-Boon (Naruto Shippuden OP)
  • God Knows - Aya Hirano (haruhi suzumiya no yuutsu OST)
  • In My World - rookiez is punk’d (Blue Excorcist OP)

For guitar we need you to play the lead guitar parts when necessary
The first 1:30 minutes are sufficient but feel free to play the whole song.


  • My Dearest - Egoist (Guilty Crown OST)
  • Kara no Kokoro - Anly (Naruto Shippuden OP)
  • In My World - rookiez is punk’d (Blue Excorcist OP)
  • Silhouette - Kana-Boon (Naruto Shippuden OP)

The first 1:30 minutes are sufficient but feel free to sing the whole song.
We don’t have an issue with male versions of mainly female vocal songs and vice versa.

Before submitting a please take into consideration that you will have to come for practises in a reputed studio at least once a week if chosen, but we will not start serious band practise until November (As me and @Mr.KamenSama will have our hands full with other stuff until then) so in the next 3 months it’s mostly just getting to know each other and jamming once in a while.

Last date for submissions is the 16th of May 2017 so you will have roughly a week to submit your recordings.

That’s it folks! I wish you all the best of luck, Let’s make this project a success!

Apparently many people have exams these days and so we’ve gotten many requests asking as to extend the deadline. So we’ve done just that and extended the deadline until the 24th of May. So you will have an extra week and then some to submit your recordings :slight_smile:

Also, depending on the requirements later on we might keep auditions for extra positions later on so don’t be discouraged if you can’t make it to this audition.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it exams for most this week and next?

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Won’t be able to audition before August.Unlucky me :sleepy:

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dammit i have exams till june :frowning:

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Hello. I need to inform that I am having exams until the 19th of May and it is difficult to get passed parents and teachers, therefore I will not be able to submit the music for the audition before that. May I ask if I could have the opportunity to submit it after the 19th pls? I, personally, can submit within the week after the 19th if that is possible.

Thank u

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Done! We’ve extended the deadline by 8 days :slight_smile: